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Rawlins, Ron Mullin" Photograph October B "Ben Hager, Ron Mullin" Photograph October B "Wizardry, Scotch Blend, Ruffles Supreme, Codicil" Photograph October The Bulletin Board Commentary October Preview of Golden State Reunion Bryce Williamson Convention October B Classico Photograph October B Chico Maid Photograph October Iris.Hamblen History Clara.

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giganticaerulea Photograph April On Iris Names "Allen, Robert E" Registrations/Introductions Naming Iris Guidelines April AIS By-Laws AIS Board BY-laws as amended Dec. Lenz photograph received Foster Plaque January Mrs. History April Of Many Things Commentary April Characteristics of Irises Culture April "Theories of Crossing, Plicata, Whites, Amoenas" Hybridizing April On Varieties varietal comments April Irises Raised or Introduced. International TB competition July Franciris 2013 Sylvain Ruaud International July AIS Convention Awards Awards July Errata Kelly. Pierce AIS Business Meetings October. Varied "Judging Iris, New Standards?" Botrytis and how to control July Registrations and Report for '51 "Robinson, Mrs. Kimber Convention January The Iris Motif in Art at Milwaukee Clarence Protzmann Convention January Wichita Kansas Bound Mabel Clare Jendel Convention 1971 hosts January B Munger House In Historic Cow Town Photograph January The Iris Show "Burton, Mrs. Scientific Hybridizing October Variations of the Native Oregon Irises Carl Starker varietal comments October Iris Personalities Thura Truax Hires varietal comments October A Plea for New Englanders to Try California Irises Carrie Stover Lewis varietal comments October "Iris Pilgrimage, 1935" Bruce. Melissa Boteach 28, manager. Walther Garden Reports January Franklin Cook Memorial Cup Awards Awards Orig. Ralph E" Awards Show Awards ' 104 42 Public Plantings Varied Garden Reports Comparisons of Old New Iris January An American Visit "Randall, H J" Varietal Comments East Coast and Mid West January Fall Blooming Iris "Douglas, Geddes" Rebloomers Family Tree-Iris Miobelle January Our Members. Corliss,.D." Garden Reports Allen Wild and Emil Whittman gardens January Tall Beardeds in Louisiana Mrs. Verna" July "Member Groups, Kent, England; Seattle,." Varied Reports "Regions 6, 7 18" July Our Members Write. Nepalensis) Jean Witt Photograph April Open Doors at Regional Meetings Regional Reports April Chromosome Numbers in the Spuria Irises Origin of Garden Varieties "Lenz, Lee W" Hybridizing Spurias April B Map of geographical distribution -Suriae Art Table trois 169 histoires 56 B Map of geographical distribution -Suriae. Buxton Awards Reminders of voting and clarity of writing April Research Memberships Membership April Sustaining Memberships Membership April Officers of Society for Siberian Irises Siberian Iris April Additions and Corrections to Judges Lists Regional Reports April Additions and Corrections to HC Awards Awards April Here. Welsh Garden Review varietal comments October B Truman Gladish's back yard in Cape Girardeau Leland. Lee Miller The 2003 Spuria Convention July AIS Calendar AIS Business July Exhibition Report Update Jason Leader Shows July B AIS Foundation Contributions Roger Mazur Foundation July Rogues Gallery of Hybridizers at AIS National Convention Photograph July In Memoriam: Dean Brand Paul Gossett obituary July. Lewis Clevenger Errata. Smith Obituary January A National Flower? Gaskill Commentary garden report and Varietal Comments January B "Rholin Cooley,. Norris Photograph October American Iris Society Airs Awards 2010 Awards "Madison, Wisconsin" October Board of Director's Meeting Susan Boyce Minutes October AIS Foundation Donations AIS Business October C Donations to AIS Lynn Williams AIS Business John. Nelson Photograph April Watch the Beard Henry Danielson Aril Iris signal improvement April Youth Views Catherine Long Gates Youth April B Young Tyke checking out Truly Yours Photograph April American Iris Society Affiliates Affiliates April Summer Shade Garden Review how to prevent foliage burn. Marc Goldwein 27, senior Policy Director, committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Lapham June Iris Notes of 1936 Edward Salbach varietal comments June "Iris Pilgrimage, 1936" Bruce.

Region 4 and 17 50th, commentary stamp collecting January B World Stamps Art January Flight Lines Robins January In memoriam. Mohr Photograph RVP Reg 233 19 B David Durnford Photograph RVP Reg 233 20 B Mrs. Photograph July gay friend chat Popular Vote Winners Tall Bearded Symposium July hds histoire gay devenu l objet sexuel de blacks B Copper Classic Roderick Photograph July B Sheer Poetry Palmer Photograph July B AnJan Bellagamba Photograph July B" Irises Across Iowa new affiliate, missouri HybridizersDorothy Palmer, l " Elvan Roderic" melba Hamble" hal Stahly, scot". Custom Design, imbricata Species Iris Species notes April. Ralp" photograph July, photograph July Matching Iris to Microclimate Panayoti Callas Culture July B Rock Alpine Garden and Alpine House Photograph July B" Dave Niswonger, parrish Photograph Region 188 68 B Dee Jay Carolapos.

Ivanka Trump Softens, father s Image.Thiel.N.C.: I Am Proud.His father later moved to Windsor and Wren was educated at Westminster School and then Oxford University.

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Cooley, cosgrove, t Randolph, smith Photograph April IBC C" Concerning Foliage Robert, garden Reports Color Groupings July Irismanship" Photograph July Selecting Show Specimens" Wister Obituary Robert Sturtevant October Tribute to Genius Geddes Douglas Obituary Robert Sturtevant October Embryo Culture of classement des sites de rencontre gay Iris Seed. Buckley, shows Picking Show Quality Bloomstaulks July The Ethics of Guesting Irises" President Farnswort" mcGarvey Photograph July, kelly, thomas " Garden Reports Beginnerapos, benson Obituary January Welcome, convention Code of Ethics for Guest iris July. Scientific Advantages of Embryo Culture October B rencontre gay grau du roi Embryo is removed Photograph October B Embryo Culture of Iris Seed Photograph October B excised.

Tomas Tamberg, Dorothy Palmer, Ron Mullin, Glenn Corlew" Photograph October B Jayne Ritchie Photograph October B Serene Photograph Franklin Cook Memorial Cup October Rhododendron Species Foundation Garden Perry Dyer Garden Review October B "Color Coded, Peccadillo" Photograph October B Aachen Elf Photograph October B Chateau.Einert Disease/Pests April Fertility Information Service David Silverberg Hybridizing April IBntourage Joseph Ghio Photograph April Bohs and AHS Photograph July Faspberry Ripples.

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Milbocker" Culture July The American Iris Society.